suggestions for walk on? first competition

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#1 Respawning on 4 years ago

Accidentally posted this in the wrong sub forum, so here it is in the right one.

Myself and 3 friends are in our first ever competition next weekend. We are basically doing a ladies of Asgard group from Marvel with a Thor (myself), femLoki, Lady Sif, and Angela. My friends and I have all decided we would feel silly doing a skit, but I don't otherwise know what to do/expect? Should we just walk out one by one, do a twirl and strike a pose? Or should we somewhat interact with each other? We don't have custom music so it would just be whatever the con decides to provide.

Any suggestions?

#2 Helara on 4 years ago

Well I think a bit of interaction would be good. Thor and Sif are friends so you could have the two of you walk on together and do a couple of poses together, have a couple with Loki and the sisterly rivalry come through with that. Maybe do a final pose as a group as well? It would be a shame to pose individually when there are so many possibilities for you to interact with each other and bring out the different aspects or the relationships between the characters and even though if you were to pose individually you still need to rehearse a little for that to get an idea of how it looks, so doing poses in pairs and as a group only needs a little more rehearsal if you can get the chance to.

Good luck!

#3 jackoshadow on 4 years ago

Considering Angela has an iffy relationship with Asgard and Thor in particular, you could come from opposite sides of the stage, Thor and Sif on one, Loki and Angela on the other. Size each other up, walk around each other, rather like cats meeting for the first time. Gives an opportunity to show off a bit, plus be in character...just a thought!