Trying to Find a Way to Make a 3D Fake Eye

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#1 Domniel on 6 years ago

I want to make my friend a forehead eye for a Cecil cosplay and I don't wanna go the traditional route of just drawing it on. So, how would I go about making said three-dimensional, semi-realistic eye?

#2 Magyarita on 6 years ago

This is more so for bug-eyed characters like Ryuk from Death Note, but I've heard of chopping a ping-pong ball in half and painting the iris and pupil on, then attaching it to the face.

#3 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

not only draw???? hmmm.. you can use some fake lense maybe, like big softlens i mean, or you can made it by liquid silicon maybe, but you still need some effect

#4 Gothica on 4 years ago

I'm with Magyarita, my first thought was ping pong ball ;)

#5 Gothica on 4 years ago

PS ..

Sorry, didn't mean to disregard SamWillow's suggestion/advice, which sounds cool!
I just know sweet fa about such things ;)

#6 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

woooo.... how you can make it?

#7 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

hi,,, i think now many variative softlens