Question about A-KON 23 (2012)

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#1 shortkid1234 on 5 years ago

So I know this is a a little old (okay a lot old) but back when A-KON was still at the Sheraton, I attended A-KON and found a really pretty dress at one of the dress shops in Artist's Alley.

The shop was on the 2nd floor right next to the entrance to the dealer's room. I can't remember the dress shop's name for the life of me and I want to visit their webpage and check out if they still have the dress (or something similar). I know they have a website because I checked it out way back when, but I forgot the name. Help!!

The shop sold many different kinds of dresses and I believe there were mainly steampunk outfits. To help jog your memory, the shop had a mannequin with a creamy white dress and black polka dots that was at the top of their set-up so you could practically see that dress from anywhere in the room.

I was too timid back then to buy the dress being my first time at A-KON >.<"