Hetalia: It's A Beautiful World Coming in November

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#1 KittyAngel on 5 years ago

Hey everyone:D I just found out that "Hetalia: It's A Beautiful World" is coming out on DVD in November of this year. The enlish dub. This thread is mainly going to be a dicussion of it in terms of extra information, anything happening with the cast members. Along with what people's likes, dislikes, and tell about other country characters as well, if they seen the sub.

I personally never got to see the sub one in entirety and whatever. For anyone that's seen it sub, can you share some highlights of what other countries are introduced? From the bits I did see in 2 of the sub episodes, I think Australia, Romania, India, and Thailand gets introduced. I personally love the new ending song to the series already:) It's incredibly catchy:razz:

Is Scotland, Ireland, and Wales ever introduced in this or are they ever going to be introduced? I'm just curious to see if they ever made it to the anime and manga themselves. Does anyone know what Seychelles is like in this season, because the 4th season was just a glimps of her personality. To me, that wasn't really enough to go by to whether I like her or not.

I personally can't wait for the english dub to come out so I can see for myself:p Anyway, please share your thoughts about the 5th season that was in the sub.

#2 Royalbakaness on 5 years ago

Excited for this! I watched the sub, but it was a while ago, so I don't remember too many details. I like the new artwork. Seychelles and Hungary were gorgeous. May need to pull out some of my Hetalia cosplays for upcoming cons ^^

#3 blackmateria on 4 years ago

Definitely excited for this in English.

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