Princess Serenity

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#1 sailorchem on 6 years ago

I have never done a cosplay before and want to do one on Princess Serenity? Where do I begin looking on making her outfit on a limited budget?:confused:

#2 Chiloves1 on 6 years ago

Thrift stores or dress outlet stores can be very helpful and inexpensive~ I know for myself I bought a long wedding style dress, or you can check Ebay.

Another option is when you create the sleeves, try using white (fake) flowers at a dollar store. I know I'm speaking of cheap but I'm on a limited budget too. What else are you looking for in terms of this? Are you seeking ways to creating props, like her Star Locket? May I suggest a Tuxedo Mask plush and/or Luna plush?

If you have any other questions, feel free to comment here. =)

#3 TheGhostHostess on 5 years ago

A great base for this dress is a white bandeau style dress, these can be found for under 20 dollars on amazon. I am working on this for my sister and adding an overlay and some other details. I love the flower idea. When looking at the art work of her dress those sleeves are not actually attached to the dress and could be made like armbands..

#4 Charlemagne on 5 years ago

It might also help to use visual reference for the dress that Naoko Takeuchi used as her inspiration for Serenity's dress - Google Dior's Palldio dress! It actually provided me with a real life reference in similarity, and helped drum up some ideas.