Self-Conscious Sailor Scout

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#1 Minutes2Meteora on 6 years ago

Hello! I am desperately trying to find a way to make myself comfortable with cosplaying Sailor Neptune. I'm struggling with the tightness and whiteness of the midriff. I commend girls that can rock the look, but I'm not confident enough with my weight to feel comfortable wearing it to a convention as is. I'm been trying to find examples of girls wearing corsets under the costumes but I'm coming up with nothing.

Any ideas to make the costume more flattering?

#2 AwkwardMarkie on 6 years ago

Have you already made/bought the costume? If not, you could always thicken the fabric or incorporate a white corset into the design. If you already have the costume, I would suggest some nude-colored Spanx to wear underneath.

#3 lilone on 6 years ago

I agree with AwkwardMarkie, it's amazing what a good pair of spanx can do for your self esteem.

#4 Eldi on 6 years ago

Something like spanx will help- I like [URL=""]these[/URL] and they're a lot cheaper than spanx brand. If you get a corset, you can wear it under this which is thick and should mitigate bumps/snagging from the busk. Also wear dance tights that match your skin tone, they will make your legs slimmer and more even-looking. Also be sure to wear heels. And practice good posture!!

I don't like wearing tight, revealing clothes either but under all those layers I feel invincible!! (this was the strategy I took for my Black Widow spandex footie pajamas)

#5 Goddess Iduna on 5 years ago

Wearing a body slimmer thingie will definitely help keep things in place and give you a nice hour glass shape. The key, though is confidence! Even if you don't feel confident, fake it until you do. You can rock any outfit you want, no matter your body shape, if you have enough confidence!!

#6 konekoanni on 5 years ago

I'm pretty slim, and I still wear Spanx/shapewear under my Sailor Senshi cosplay! Pretty much everyone in my senshi group does it, big and small. You can wear a traditional busked corset underneath, too, but you'll want to double up the white stretch fabric so that it covers up the lines from the busk/boning better. Also seconding the dance tights.

#7 Prissi on 5 years ago

Nothing wrong with corsets and spanx. I'm wearing a corset under my Eternal Sailormoon costume, and a flesh-colored layer on top of that. I am using the corset because I am using it to support my wings~ but you really can't tell. Either way, the thing to remember about conventions is that you're rather anonymous... so you can fake the confidence until you really have it. I remember being really really embarrassed to walk out of the apartment with my ridiculous costume, but man, once I got there... I couldn't get enough of wearing the dang thing. Other things you can do -- is to make alterations to the design so that you are comfortable wearing it. Make the skirt longer if you want to (that's what I did). Just be aware that you may draw criticism from purists, but I think the bottom line is that you need to be comfortable. So do what it takes to make yourself comfortable because that's the only way you'll shine!!

#8 CosPoe on 5 years ago

Spanx forever.
No shame.

The best part about being a Sailor Scout is that little girls are excited to see you no matter if you have a little bit of pudge or not. I'm not large, but I'm definitely the biggest out of my group, but when you have a little kid ask you for a hug, any ounce of self-doubt you had just melts away completely. ; u ;

#9 mysticalchali on 5 years ago

I myself have never tried spanx, for any reason (Not just cosplay), but I might solely based on the good reviews. I do agree with what people said about dance tights. I didn't wear any to this years AX because it was plenty hot already, but normally I would.

Also, don't feel self conscious about your body type. I've been cosplaying for a long time and can attest to the fact that attitude and being in character has a lot more to do with cosplay than body type.

For example, at AX this year, I ran across a group of cosplayers who technically had the body types to be senshi but on the inside their personalities were more like members of the negaverse. I even over heard their "leader" tell a photographer "Don't take pictures of her!!" While looking and gesturing at me, even after he replied, "But her costume is really good!" Then she and her group gave me another dirty look and mumbled something to him which probably meant "That's why we don't want you to photograph her".

So yeah, attitude has a LOT to do with it. I'd take a friendly but larger cosplayer in a good costume over a stuck-up, skinny newb any day...but that's just me *shrugs*


#10 fancy_duckie on 5 years ago

I definitely know that feel! Are you making or buying? There are some things that you could tweak if you're making your cosplay, like making the hip roll's "v" deeper, because that elongates your torso. But if your costume's already done/bought; I definitely second the spanx & dance tights (some tights even have a little bit of tummy compression built in!) or those shapers that are kinda like a "u" shaped leotard; it holds in your tummy, but leaves your bust alone, so you can get that hourglass figure. Faking your confidence is a lot harder than it sounds, (at least it is for me), so throw on some Beyonce (or whatever makes you feel like you can kick some butt), walk around your house in your cosplay, and practice some poses until you feel awesome. Hope this helps!!

#11 Emrys on 5 years ago

Can I also say, Neptune (like all of the scouts) is such an amazing, strong character that once you get the costume together and put it on, that in itself can be a great confidence boost. Do not underestimate the power of getting into character XD.

I think we're ALL self-conscious about certain parts of our costumes, but most of the stress is usually being your own worst critic about certain parts of it.

I agree with what everyone mentioned above about dance tights, doubling the white fabric (kind of necessary anyway because it it *white*), exaggerating the V and such. I have some friends who wear corsets with their senshi cosplay and you usually can't tell. It's not that most cosplayers don't wear them, it's that other people usually aren't going to notice it. Especially for corsets, YOU might be hyper aware of how things are laying when you are in costume, but other people usually won't know you're wearing one unless you tell them.

#12 Mama Austria on 5 years ago

I'm a little overweight myself, and am embarking on my first Sailor Senshi (Moon!) in ten years! I've aged a little since nineteen in various areas! But I intend to wear shapewear beneath my costume, and I am also using a thicker athletic tricot for the white parts of my costume to help with the image. Making sure your lines are flattering (like the deeper hip roll "v" someone mentioned above!) will certainly help with the illusion!

Mostly, I tried to remember in making this the message of strength in femininity in Sailor Moon. Girl power! Sailor Moon and Sailor Neptune, none of the girls would ever take any sort of body shaming bull crap from anyone. You get out there and you rock it.