Doctor Who Meet Ups SDCC 2014

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#1 timelord25 on 5 years ago

Just re-announcing the annual Doctor Who Cosplay SDCC meet Ups will still happen even if there is no Panel as rumored.

Thursday, July 24th
In front of Ballroom 20 2nd Floor.

Sunday, July 27th
Sails Pavilion Towards the outdoor end. (this location may change to outdoor stairs spot)

Sound off if you'll be there!

#2 Hattorilucci on 5 years ago

Me and sister will be joining up in the meetings. She'll be the 10th Doctor and I'll be the 4th Doctors.

#3 hybridchaos on 5 years ago

Are Torchwood welcome? My Captain Jack and I migth be able to attend. I will be Ianto Jones, if not Tux ten.