MegaCon 2016 Cosplay Planning

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#1 J-Nagle on 5 years ago

Hey all!

Well I may try MegaCon again next year. I'll be honest with you all.
I did have a fun time seeing the costumes and dressing up myself but...I don't know too many people honestly and I felt...disconnected? I don't know. I'm hoping for a better experience at the next one. I'll try it again and see if I have a better time.

Maybe it's because I only went with one other person who really didn't have a costume to wear? I don't know.


Next year I'm going all out.

I'll be Undertaker from Black Butler and I'll have scythe that I've already started to plan. If something doesn't work or I get tired of carrying it, I'll get the cauldron and bake bone cookies lol

I may hand those out for the hell of it (sugar free to be safe).

I need to order the costume. I finally bought a sewing machine but I'm a novice so I'm nowhere near ready to actually try making his outfit. But I have faith in myself!

Could I plan to meet up with some of you? I'd like to make friends and hopefully have a better MegaCon in 2016.

MrsMegaCosplay :wave:

#2 Killerangel666 on 5 years ago

Hi! I kinda get what you mean about the disconnect, after high school one by one my 'friends' and i quit speaking to each other, guess we weren't really friends. Megacon has become a tradition with me and my mom -she's not a cosplayer, but she loves to go- if you wanna chat i'm cool with it and maybe we can hang out some at next years megacon?

#3 Kevinhy on 5 years ago

We had entirely different megacon experiences! This was my first con and i felt like I was popular or something, I had tons of people chatting up with me and taking pictures.

That being said, it would be cool to actually "know" someone there and just have a more dynamic group situation. My girlfriend and I are new to Florida so we know practically no one. I have no clue who I'll be cosplaying next megacon, but it'll probably be an overly confident muscle head thing, and my gf will probably follow suit. If you see us feel free to say hi! Lol

#4 J-Nagle on 5 years ago

That's cool! Last year was my first as well and my best friend went with me but she wasn't really dressed up. I was stopped quite often for pictures (and I stopped others :D) but I still felt like it would be fun with more people :)

#5 wildfire0135 on 5 years ago

I'm already plotting my cosplay for next year as well. I want to do a Draenei from World of Warcraft. Cosplaying has inspired me to lose weight, and while I don't think I will be ready for tummy bearing, I think I can at least achieve the figure for a space goat..and I need to strengthen my knee for the hooves.

I wouldn't mind meeting up with people next year either! I went this year with a couple of friends but I was the only one that did cosplays. Friday I did a very lazy Ursula (but people got the idea,) Saturday was the first cosplay I have ever made. I did Death Prophet from DotA2. Sunday I was Vanessa (Ursulas human form.)

#6 J-Nagle on 5 years ago

Cool! I think I'm going to attempt to make Anna's dress this summer or over the fall so I can wear that too. It will be my first real cosplay that I would have made :)

Although I'm working on Black Widow right now. But I'm not making it, not really. Just putting patches and gathering all the supplies lol I still can't believe Megacon is 4 days!

#7 wildfire0135 on 5 years ago

I'm extremely excited for it being 4 days next year. It'll line up perfectly with a trip to Vegas, then come back into town for MegaCon. Best vacation evar.

The best thing I can suggest is take your time with making the dress. I took all year to make mine and I'm really glad I did. It's awesome to be able to wear something you made, get compliments on it and be able to offer suggestions. I had one lady asking me what body paint I used and how I sealed it.

#8 J-Nagle on 5 years ago

I plan on taking my time :) If it's not ready I won't sweat it. And I'm glad megacon is in may next year! I finish Nursing four several weeks before so I'll be done with school and waiting to sit the boards to get my RN licence.

#9 wildfire0135 on 5 years ago

I was concerned I wasn't going to get my Death Prophet done in time but I actually managed to. That's pretty cool that Megacon will line up with the end of school for everyone! I need to remember to book the hotel coming up here soon. We're going to be staying at the Rosen Center I think. We stayed at the Rosen Pointe Inn this time and I wasn't as impressed..Last year we went last minute so shelled out the buku money for the Hyatt Regency, but it was a really nice hotel...they had a TV in the bathroom mirror!

#10 roseandzippin on 5 years ago

Wow, we're already planning next year? ;)
Just kidding, I've been planning ever since I walked out of the convention hall. I definitely know that I'll be cosplaying Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, but I'm not sure on the character. It will either be Princess Zelda or a Fem!Link from this game. Either way, I'll make a sailcloth and harp to go with my costume. I'm a girl with long, naturally blonde hair, so Zelda would be easiest for me. I'm just hesitant to commit because of the ribbons-in-the-hair thing (gravity exists, you know) along with the bangs (I don't have any). For those reasons, I'll probably go with Fem!Link, even though that means I'll have to make a sword and shield. Hey, it'll be a challenge, and I'll have spring break from grad school. :)

#11 J-Nagle on 5 years ago

So it's officially decided that I will be going next year! For a bit I was thinking of going to MomoCon in Atlanta, but I'd like my husband to come this time :)

I've already got a tentative lineup that is for sure.

-Anna from Frozen (sweat, blood and tears in this dress so far)
-Daenerys from Game of Thrones

It's only two but it's still really early! I want to wait and see if I can make Jupiter's dress (the purple/pink one which is the first dress she wears) but that fabric is an arm and a leg! I'm also working on a Jack Frost steampunk crossplay but I'm also waiting to see how it turns out.

I know I said I wanted to do Undertaker, but I may not. That's still in the air. At this point, if I do dress the part, I'll be purchasing that costume since Anna's dress is taking all of my time.

#12 QueenKreates on 5 years ago


#13 QueenKreates on 5 years ago

So I am brand new to cosplay and I recently decided that I wanted to go to Megacon 2016 for my first convention. I am currently going to be working on Batman Arkham Knight's Scarecrow and the Faun from Pan's Labyrinth and if I still have time, I'll do another costume or two before its convention day. I'm pretty excited about starting my cosplay experience in the cosplay community, but I am also really nervous. I know barely anything about how the actual conventions work nor do I have anyone to go with since I am new to the area so I could definitely use a friend or two :)

#14 J-Nagle on 5 years ago

Hello QueenKreates! I'm planning on doing Arkham Knight Harley Quinn again if you'd like to coordinate and maybe get together! This will be my second con and my first one wasn't too good but that could be because I went to a theme park the day before and I was EXHAUSTED.

I'm also planning to be Anna from frozen, possibly Daenerys/Khaleesi, and the fourth is still a toss up. I'm hoping to do Undertaker form Black Butler but I need to see if I can find the costume. I'm already making all other costumes and don't think I'll be able to make another!

#15 QueenKreates on 5 years ago

Really? That's awesome! I would love to coordinate something and possibly go together! I sure hope the 2016 convention will be better for you! I know I am hoping my first convention is just as great as most people say megacon is. I know it's one of the few popular conventions so I should expect lots of people. Is there anything else I should expect? :)

Nice costume ideas. I am not familiar with Black Butler so I looked up the character and the Undertaker looks really cool! I hope you are able to get your hands on that costume! Nevertheless, I really like your cosplay lineup!