Quick question about Autographing booths?

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#1 Tattle-Kill on 5 years ago

Just a quick question for some of the more seasoned convention goers. I sorta stink at map reading. I'm looking over the NYCC map and in need of some translation:

1-Where are the autographing booths? (specially booths 1-20)
2-What is the North Pavilion?
3-How many floors does the Javits center have? And are all of them used for NYCC or just a few?

I always feel a bit overwhelmed going to NYCC cuz I feel like there are so many booths to see and that I'm always missing some. Any other advice on how to experience everything?

#2 eebee on 5 years ago

Hopefully I can help a little here!

1) The autograph booths were on the lower level last year, but I cannot vouch for them being there again. For some reason I can't find it on the site either. >_<
2) The North Pavillion is a semi-separated area within the Javits center. When you come in the big doors to enter the con, you will be able to turn left or right. Left is to the show floor, while turning right will take you down a hallway to North Pavillion, home of Artists' Alley.
3) There are basically three floors. The basement houses all of the panel rooms and autographing, as well as the food court. The middle level is pretty much just a huge hallway with the entrance to North Pavillion at the (believe it or not) north end. The upper floor has the big fancy show floor with the booths.

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