Need Hellsing/Alucard @ Dragon*Con

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#1 stophalot on 6 years ago

Hey guys, we've got a Hellsing anime group (Seras, Integra, Walter, Rip Van Winkle, Zorin) that suddenly lost its Alucard. We want to do a few staged photos, so this becomes a bit important. Is there a tall, dashing, vampire that could help us out? Tall means around 6' so you're taller than our Integra and not dramatically shorter than our Walter.

We, of course, welcome any other Hellsing folks to hang out, we just need the right Alucard for photos!

#2 blackmateria on 6 years ago

Dang, one of our friends almost always cosplays as Alucard, but left his whole outfit home not intending to cosplay for the weekend. :( He's tall and has the long hair and everything. I hope you find someone good.