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#1 TaliaRosalie on 5 years ago

I waited a bit too long to book a room for MegaCon, like the procrastinator that I am. Is anyone currently looking for room mates? I have two other friends who will be staying with me, and we're all good to split the cost. Please?

#2 dogwitch on 5 years ago

i will check how big the room is. i know i have a small kitchen in mine.

#3 TaliaRosalie on 5 years ago

Awesome! I ,myself, have found a room, but my friends still need one... So yeah, I'll tell them about you! PM me please?

#4 dogwitch on 5 years ago

yes thats fine

#5 amayaanimenut on 5 years ago

I have one spot left in my friend's room.

#6 TaliaRosalie on 5 years ago

Alright! My 3 friends need a place to stay! Each one is good to pay their own way. It's 2 males and 1 female. All courteous and respectful.

I'd prefer if they could stay together, and I'm sure there are no issues with floor space.

They're all older than 18, like 20+. So yeah. If you only have room for two, I would prefer the males stick together, as the female has a potential room already.

#7 amayaanimenut on 5 years ago

Another spot in the room just opened up so we probably have room for the two

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