My First Foam Fabrication. Oroku Saki (Shredder) Concept.

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#1 ElDiabloFate on 3 years ago

Hello all!

Just thought Id pop in and post the results of my first foam fabrication. I did a Oroku Saki (Shredder) Concept without the top helmet. The pictures unfortunately are not professional but im posting them nonetheless. I hope you all like what I did for a first time fabrication. It was a lot of work, but I had a blast doing it! Cheers everyone! Let me know what ya think if any of you have the time.


#2 philosocrates on 3 years ago

Looks Amazing!

#3 ElDiabloFate on 3 years ago

Thanks Philosocrates! I appreciate you taking the time to write a reply. Glad you liked it! Felt a tad nervous about posting it since it is my first go at a Fabrication.