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#1 shellysunfish on 3 years ago

Hi, Fanime! My name is Shelly. I'm wanting to host the
"anime that theme song" contest, but I have never hosted
a panel before. I have two areas that I could use your help in.

1: Legality
- What is the legality of playing a few (or so) seconds
of a song for the sake of a fan run contest?

- Can I show a few opening/ending theme song videos
and/or AMVs as people are walking in and taking their seats?

- Is there an age requirement for this type of panel/contest?
While their be no adult language or content, some animes
can be very fan service heavy. Should I make it at least
16 + or go all out with 18+ (just to be on the safe side)?

- What is the legality of giving away prizes? I was thinking
something like a grand prize of 100$ Amazon gift card.
Any ideas, or suggestions on prizes would be helpful! ^_^

2. Panel info
- What are some basic on panels should know?
Like: When do I sign up ? The overall signing progress.
What kind of equipment does Fanime/McEnery Convention Center
provide for panels? What am I expected to bring on my own? Etc...