Meet-Ups for 2014

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#1 erana_37 on 4 years ago

Hello All

I was wondering if there will be any meet-ups at Fan Expo for this year?

Here is what we will be doing:

Thursday: Final Fantasy
Friday: Legend of Zelda
Saturday: Different Final Fantasy (but we will be doing the Masquerade, so will likely be off the floor all afternoon)
Sunday: Undecided, but likely the same as Saturday

What is everyone else planning? Has anyone heard of any meet-ups?

#2 hussell on 4 years ago

My buddy and I are going to be at the bar in the basement of the Hyatt Wednesday Night, be nice to meet some fellow Fan-Expo goers, so all are welcome to join us
fire me an email at [email][email protected][/email] if you're interested

#3 ZiNN on 4 years ago

I'm normally out of the loop on these sort of things but I am hoping to get more involved this year with the Con. Will be there Fri-sun for sure, in costume on Saturday as Strider Hiryu. Saw on the master schedule there is the "official fan expo rock party' which I am guessing is the usual after party, will most likely be looking into attending that.

Other than that I have no idea of any events happening so will be looking on here for any updates.