Bad Wolf Wig help

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#1 ImABunny on 4 years ago

I was going to post this in the wig section but decided on trying here first since I might get better help under the fandom.

I am getting together a Bad Wolf / The Moment cosplay and am looking for a wig to style. I'm not going for a true Rose color blonde because I have a feeling I would look horrible with that shade. I am trying to find something darker or something I can color to match my skin tone.

I have three options I am currently looking at.




I don't want to spend a lot since I will be pretty much destroying the wig with teasing and cutting.
My biggest worry about the ones on Aliexpress is the description says half wig but the pictures being used are for a full wig.

Do you think the Ali ones are worth it?
Better options out there?

#2 UmmS on 4 years ago

I used the Glinda in ash blonde for my Moment. The puffiness of the wig, even straightened a bit, is more akin to the promo pics than the episode look. I'm debating straightening it a bit and making it stringier before I take it out again for Chicago TARDIS.


#3 ImABunny on 4 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing. I was worried the Glinda wig wouldn't give me the length or volume I need but it looks like that one works well.