Fan Expo 2014 Pictures

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#1 KageHisakata on 4 years ago

Thought I should make a thread for people to either post pictures or links to pictures of the cosplayers we all took over the weekend. Here's [URL=""]mine![/URL]

#2 Ithillien on 4 years ago

Great idea! I'll be adding mine later today. :)

#3 AyySL on 4 years ago

[URL=""]Here is mine![/URL]

Most of it is League of Legends or X-Men related but some others snuck in. :>

#4 youta on 4 years ago

I scheduled a few photoshoots and had a great time. Here is a [URL=""]gallery[/URL] with a few of the resulting images. Thank you to those cosplayers who were so kind as to participate!

#5 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 4 years ago

ModelMosa photo's are up!