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#1 TheUsurperKing on 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I would love to enjoy my stay, but I'm having an issue with my account? It says I have 4,294,967,294 photos O_O which I haven't even uploaded a single photo yet xD My page stops loading when I try to upload a photo. Is anyone having this problem or something I can do on my end? Or do I need to create a new account? Thanks again!

#2 Jei-Cos on 3 years ago

This is actually a known bug on here. It happens a lot actualy. It's happened to me as well. I since have deleted the costume it did that on becasue I never ended up doing it, which made the bug go away (at least, since then it hasn't come back to me)/
You could just go that route. It won't make a difference since you say you don't have any pics up on it yet.

The other thing, the page stopping, I haven't heard of or experienced yet, but i wonder if it could be the file size or type.

I also think Admin was trying to fix picture stuff..i haven't uploaded one in a while so I don't know if that could be the problem or not.