Finding different colored business suits

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#1 BigDoug on 2 years ago

Hope this isn't in the wrong thread!

So, I'm going a bit of the lazy route for cosplay and trying to buy a business suit jacket for a cosplay I'm working on as opposed to making it. And I'm trying to work on a bit of a budget.

Problem is, the suit jacket I need is white. And it's really hard to find white suit jackets, because men's suits seem to come in only three colors: Black, gray, and blue (oh, and the occasional Dr Who brown/beige). First thought was for me to go thrift shop searching, but trust me, I've probably been to 20+ places and never found anything.

Use a woman's suit jacket? This is a possibility, because women's suits come in many many colors besides the typical blue/gray/black. This actually worked with the Lupin cosplay as I lucked out and found a red one that looked like a male suit and actually fit. The problem with this is that most women's business suit jackets look distinctly "Female" attire. There's things about them that make them look like they're for women, or even for older women (a lot of thrift shop stuff is from when an elderly person dies). Not to mention many of them are too small for me.

That leaves buying new, and with suits often costing up to $100-200, not exactly an option.

Anybody else ever have this problem, and how did you solve it?

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

Try local tuxedo rental places for a used dinner jacket (not quite styled like a suit jacket but cut for men and come in white ala James Bond). And try local costume rental places. When I worked at a costume rental a tuxedo rental place went out of business and my boss bough ALL their stock. We put on our racks a number of pieces for rental (all the cut-aways and frocks went in with the period clothing) but we had a storage unit we hung extras in that we sold that stock off to musicians, magicians, Shriners and others who needed formal wear in the closet.

#3 vonjankmon on 2 years ago

Alibaba. If you have time to wait for shipping from China that store is great for something like this. I ordered an entire Gold suit for my Moist Von Lipwig post master cosplay. It's been a while but I know I spent less than $100 on the whole thing, with shipping.

Just keep in mind that their sizes are smaller so go a size or two larger than what you would normally wear.

#4 KuruttaKanashii on 2 years ago

This store sells obnoxious suits