Staying at Hostel in Calgary for OtaFest

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#1 ladylala on 1 year ago

Hello Everyone!
I'm a cosplayer from Vancouver who is considering going to Otafest for the first time (I know it's half a year ahead but I like to plan in advance) and I'm considering staying at a hostel to save on funds seeing as I'm traveling on my own and find I don't use most of the amenities in hotels that I end up paying for when I go to conventions.

Would it be safe for both myself and my things if I stayed at a hostel? Particularly Wicked Hostels in Calgary (due to the cheap price but apparent good service, free wifi and continental breakfast as well as 12 minute walking distance) if anyone has stayed there for a convention? Are there any tips for staying at a hostel for a convention that I should take note of?

Thank you so much!