Sailor Saturn Wig Help

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#1 NeverCryAgain on 2 years ago

I need some opinions on which Sailor Saturn wig to get.
I'm considering 3 different wigs, one from Epic Cosplay, the other two from Arda Wigs.
The Epic Cosplay is their Chronos style in the color fashion purple black, [url][/url]
The two from Arda are Ingio, [url][/url] and the Natasha, [url][/url] in the color dark purple.
I'm not too concerned about the color being a bit too purple, I can always dye it, I'm more concerned about the bangs being bold enough, having the wig be long enough, and having enough volume. Her hair has tons of volume, which I find is difficult to get with such a blunt bob cut.
With the Epic Cosplay wig it should be long enough if I straighten the ends, but I dont think it has enough volume. I have also ordered from them and trust their quality, and love how fast they ship.
With the first Arda wig, the Ingio, it should have enough volume and length, but the bangs aren't as bold.
With the second Arda wig, the Natasha, it has the bold bangs but i'm not sure how it would do with teasing the underlayers to give it more volume.
Any help would be appreciated!

#2 Scunosi on 2 years ago

If you're worried about the Chronos not having enough volume, I say just start with a longer wig. The [URL=""]Theia [/URL]comes in the same color and you could just cut to where you need and not taper it like you'll get with a lot of bobs. That being said Saturn doesn't look like she actually has a ton of volume, she just always looks...windswept? So if it were me I wouldn't worry about having a ton of hair for her.

I'm also not really sure what you mean about the bangs not being "bold" enough. She's got pretty normal bangs, but you may have to just do some styling to them regardless of the wig you get.

Now I will say I don't particularly care for either of those colors for her. If you're okay venturing into Arda's Silky line they've got a more accurate color with Blackberry that you could get with the [URL=""]Nina[/URL]. I think the Silkys aren't meant for heavy styling but I'd imagine just cutting it shorter should be fine, and the bangs are pretty spot-on even without any styling.