New to AnimeNext, what should i expect?

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#1 creepyplush on 3 years ago

I am just a little be nervous. This is my first big con. I have only attended smaller cons in the past and I am use to jumping in on any room as I please there. Like if I was bored with one panel, I would just go to another one. Simple. But I heard that bigger cons have lines and even then you might not get into that room. Might this be overwhelming for me? What should I avoid or at least what do I do to prepare myself for this?
Thank you for your time!

#2 VinceA on 3 years ago

You should be fine. We've moved to the larger facility to increase the size of just about everything and have it all in one building. You might have to wait on a line to get into a panel before it starts if it's one of the popular ones but after that all should be well.