Weight Loss vs. Interval Option?

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#1 Emi Hana on 3 years ago

Okay, I kinda have a serious question. I recently looked at some charts after my workout yesterday, and while I'm in the "Fat Burning Zone" - I'm 31 years old and my Average Heart Rate is about 131 during exercise and the highest Heart Rate I've gone to is 138 during exercise - I keep seeing and reading about "Weight Loss" vs. "Interval."

I've been getting a whole slew of contradictory information about if someone is on a machine and they do Interval Programs or Weight Loss Programs? Some claim that Interval does more than the Weight Loss program - one site even claimed that you'll lose more of your stomach fat on Interval than just regular or Weight Loss setting - while some other sites claim Interval is a gimmick and you need to set your own pace.

I have lost weight using the Weight Loss option, but I now realize that I need to kick up my exercise up a notch if I want to get down to a Size 14. I also need to stop with the Sports Drinks and buy Bottled Water instead.

However - Sports Drink / Water aside - can someone clarify the difference between Interval and Weight Loss programs, tell me what information is real, and what's fake? This whole Interval vs. Weight Loss think kinda has me confused. :dunce:

#2 muckypup on 3 years ago

I'm not aware of "interval option" but if you mean interval training, then its when you alternate between high and low intensity. I guess "weight loss" would just be a sustained cardio workout?
Personally, I find that interval training produces better results for me. Might be just me, but just jogging/ elliptical/cycling doesnt make me full-on sweat unless I push myself, but I don't have great stamina. So I might sprint full on for a minute, then jog/run for three and repeat.

I would say you're totally right on ditching the sports drink, its likely that unless you are seriously hitting the gym, you don't actually need it. Just 20-30 mins of exercise wasted for me. Maybe just prep better and have a protein shake afterwards?
Everyone has told me that the gym cannot undo a bad diet. This is my downfall because I love food! I use My Fitness Pall to see where my diet needs improvement and it works if you're honest and stick with it. :) good luck!

#3 my_dark on 3 years ago

Honestly, I don’t know if there’s really that much of a difference between the two programs on any given cardio machine. But no exercise program can target stomach fat, that's not how your body works.

I’d focus primarily on your diet if your goal is to lose weight. Calories in vs calories out has more of a direct impact on weight loss than exercise alone. But that’s a completely different topic :)

For exercise, I’d suggest HIIT training which is interval based and more intense (my fav program is [url]http://darebee.com/programs/30-days-of-hiit.html)[/url]. You can even do it at home because it doesn't require any equipment. But be prepared to push yourself to maintain the intensity. It will test you both physically and mentally, don't give up. I'm also a huge fan of strength training – it burns calories and develops muscle, consequentially making you look more defined.

Hope this helps!

#4 chupachan on 3 years ago

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