Ethereal wing Feathers

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#1 shadowfox57 on 1 year ago

I have a cosplay that is going to have "Spirit" Wings. The way the wings are part of the at the end needs to be see through and glowing through out. I thought of using cellophane to make the end flight feathers and use milk jug plastic to reinforce them and keep that transparency.

However the areas that don't have the jug plastic are still super floppy and i was wondering if anyone has an idea how to make the feathers more stiff but keep that clarity. If not then if they know a better material to use for clear feathers.

#2 Midnight Dawn on 1 year ago

Do you have a reference picture? It would really help in giving us an idea on how to approach the project.

But otherwise id ask what kind of variables you want to work with in terms of material cost, tools, and the time frame you are working with.

If you go to tap plastics they have an entire bin of pvc plastic in varying cuts and thicknesses for a $1. If you have the tools and the patience you can cut/mold them to any shape hou need them to be.

#3 shadowfox57 on 1 year ago

Basically i want something that i can use an exacto knife to cut and that will not fold when i open the wings. As long as its not ridiculous i don't mind the money since i rarely buy everything at once.

#4 Midnight Dawn on 1 year ago

Probably plastic place mats from Walmart might be what you're looking for.

If it's still too floppy for you, you could glue multiples together till you get the desired thickness you want.

#5 Penlowe on 1 year ago

polymer acrylic sheets. stiff enough for your purposes and clear. Buy it at hobby stores that specialize in train models, they sell it for windows in miniature buildings.
You can also get it in the frame area of big arts and craft stores sold as replacement glass for frames (Michael's Hobby Lobby) but I suspect it's more expensive there.

#6 nathancarter on 1 year ago

Instead of making the whole feather stiff, use a thin nylon ziptie (or other similar flexible plastic strip) down the middle of each feather to give it a shaft similar to a real feather.

That'll give you a sturdy base to secure each feather to the wing structure, too.