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#1 Reionyx on 1 year ago

So, not new new, but I figured I'd do one anyway.
I go by Reionyx and am currently finishing up a cosplay of Rin Okumura (his demon mode) from Ao no Exorcist. I have also cosplayed Yuki from Vampire Knight, Ceil from Black Butler, and Lenalee from D. Grayman, as well as some J-fashion inspired outfits. My future cosplans include Erza from Fairy Tail, Noctis from FFXV, Mara Sov from Destiny, Shouta from MHA, and Ada Wong from Resident Evil.
I live in Tucson, AZ and frequent Los Angeles. Some of my favorite anime are Vampire Knight, Fairy Tail, Psycho Pass, Hell Girl, Black Butler, My Hero Academia, Natsume's Book of Friend, and a ton more.
I started a page recently on Facebook concerning my cosplays and other interests. Honestly, I thought it might be able to help me socialize more because I am terribly socially awkward. If you are interested in checking it out, it's called Reimon Cosplay ([url]https://www.facebook.com/ReimonCosplay)[/url]. Just a fair warning, I am not a cosplay expert by any means. If you have a page, drop it in the comments. I always enjoy following other people's work. :)

Thank you for reading.