Fibre optics?

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#1 SuperBee on 1 year ago

Does anyone have any experience with fibre optics in cosplay. I have looked at guides and how tos, seems easy enough. Looking for different ways to use them, such as lighting them up and encorperating into fabric.

#2 DlGlT on 1 year ago

You can see a whole bunch of projects and ideas here.

#3 ShinobiXikyu on 1 year ago

Did Quorra 2.0 with what was essentially fibre-optic lightpipe. [url][/url]

It was actually pretty easy to work with- LEDs at the ends of cut lengths of clear-core light-conducting pipe (this stuff. Unfortunately, now a retired item; [url][/url] ), simple wiring to a switch and battery, and heatshrink tubing to keep things in place.
And dammit, I am TRYING to find the build shots on my google drive, but they seem to have vanished or not have been properly shared to mine, as it was a job between both me and my boyfriend. We never put a tutorial up, but we did make a step-by-step of sorts for workmanship judging....