Need your help. What is Cosplay to you ?

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#1 casraecal on 2 years ago

Hello Everyone!
I am looking for help with a Girl Guide camp that is cosplay theme. I did get 1 video but was hoping for more information to present them with to earn their
challenge. Would someone please take a moment to answer a few questions I also hoping to credit each cosplayer by doing a slideshow of pictures form there pages or instagram accounts :) its a quick 5 questions survery. [url][/url]

#2 casraecal on 2 years ago

Thank you to those who took the time still seeking some more answers it only takes a minute

#3 Lindiranae on 2 years ago

If you'd like a short video to show them, giving opinions on why people cosplay and what cosplay means to them, I really rate Trichromatic Films "Why I Play" documentaries :thumbsup: