last-minute hotel room space & photography assistants needed (for photoshoots)

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#1 Wolverine on 2 years ago

== room space is available! ==
We may have extra hotel room space for 2 more people. If there's a desperate need, maybe 3 max. LMK ASAP if you need a room for MegaCon 2017. We have the room for Thursday night (May 25th) until Sunday morning (May 28th). Also, if you're willing to help us out in our photography shoots, the total hotel room share price can be drastically reduced for helping us out for some hours during the four days of MegaCon. See next part for more info.


== Photography Assistants needed ==

We're looking for cosplayers that can help us out with our photoshoots during each day of MegaCon. No photography experience needed. Just a good social ability to wrangle up other cosplayers for our photoshoots, maybe holding up background drapery, & other very light duty stuff.

If you are interested in a hotel room, we can reduce your room share as compensation for helping us a few hours per day at MegaCon. Plus, you will get awesome pics of cosplayers that are brought over for our photoshoots. :-)

PM me or reply to this thread.