Does cosplay get HOT?

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#1 SexyNewbie on 3 years ago

This is my first year going to Comic Con dressed in Cosplay. Im really excited but my costume will likely get REALLY HOT. Do I have to build in a small fan? Im afraid I will sweat a lot wearing a hot pink catsuit. Also, walking in heels all day is going to get very tiring very fast. How do YOU remain comfortable throughout the day? What do you do to prepare?

#2 Dictamnus Albus on 3 years ago

if you want to ask this again, post under "general cosplay chat" youll get more responce

if your outside or stay near the windows alot, youll feel it more
its not hard to rig up some tubing and a siphon pump to make a personal water cooling system
if you think youll need it

indoor venues usualy heve smart enought people opperating to turn up the AC to compensate for the large groups of people

bring a pair of comfy shoes so you can take a break from heels or altered footwear
make sure your outfits dont impeade your ability to use the restroom, sit/ take a knee
stay hydrated (if your thirsty, drink)

if your traveling and/or staying at the venue (many venues are/have hotels)
take adtantage of the room your paying for
if you need a refreshing, take a shower, hot and exhausted but its too much effort to remove your cosplay? crank the AC, give yourself a sponge bath, drink some water
turn on that wall mounted fan and try to "air out"

on other notes,
try to stay with at least 1 friend, if someone bothers you, tell em off
sometimes you just bump into that one person whos kinda creepy but sticks to you like they
just made a new best friend
(happened to me, ditched him, spent the rest of that day "looking over my shoulder"
didnt have a good time)

if the con gave you a pamphlet or otherwise provided you with a map
take a few minuts to "make it work" the maps may not be oriented in a manner you follow
take the time to locate and mark things like the door you entered (closest to car)
your room, restrooms, fountian/bubbler, mark a few landmarks, mark the rooms where events
you wanted to attend are held (write the events right in the room on the map)
make that map your own,

make sure people in your group can communicate if seperated
turn on the vibrate and make sure the sound level for notifications (text/messaging)
is able to be heard from your pocket/purse or whatever

if you buy stuff dont carry it around all day, take a second look when your done shopping
bring the goods to your car or room

lastly if part of your outfit is bothering you, dont be afraid to wipe if off or leave it in the car/room, it may suck not being in full regalia, but being miserable the whole time
is usualy worse in the end

#3 micro-babe on 3 years ago

For shoes, just carry around the shoes for your costume and a pair of slip on shoes for walking around. I personally like carrying around vans for quick shoe changes.

For staying cool, drink some water. Stay inside. Take breaks if you feel like you're starting to get tired or too hot. Bring a change of clothes in case you absolutely can't wear your costume anymore. Also, tropical island person tip: I always bring an umbrella. The kind that folds up and can easily fit into a bag. It's nice to have if it rains obviously but also it acts as a parasol under the beating sun. You'd be surprised how much of a game changer it is.