Cosplay Shipping

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#1 Lil Slugger on 3 years ago

Does anyone know the best way to go about shipping your cosplay if you are coming from out of state?

I have a full armored Megaman cosplay I want to wear for AX, but not sure how to go about getting it there. Any ideas?

#2 Altiryoko on 3 years ago

What I'm doing is locating a FedEx or UPS near my hotel and shipping it to them. They will hold your package for you for up to 5 days I believe. Since my group is renting a car, I'm going to go pick it up from whichever place I pick.

That's an option.

#3 Alyssa3467 on 3 years ago

I think you can ship it to the hotel itself if you have a reservation.

#4 Mucai on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=Alyssa3467;5057859]I think you can ship it to the hotel itself if you have a reservation.[/QUOTE]Depends on the hotel. Some hotels won't accept mail for guests, others will charge a fee for acceptance/storage.
If you are going to ship something to a hotel, contact them to see if they will accept packages and if there is a fee for doing so.

#5 Lil Slugger on 3 years ago

Thanks guys! So what do you ship your cosplays in? Do you just get a really big box and put everything in it?

#6 Altiryoko on 3 years ago

A heavy duty box

#7 NeoStrayCat on 3 years ago

For some reason, I thought this topic was going to be cosplay couples...then I read the topic posts and thought otherwise. (Oops...>.>)

But yeah, if you're looking to ship your cosplay gear, you might wanna box it up or something.

#8 Lil Slugger on 3 years ago

Ah sorry to disappoint?

#9 Lil Slugger on 3 years ago

I am aware you will need a box or something ::Facepalm:: I was trying to gather information on what methods people use and sorry if I wasn't clear. Do you get a giant crate to make sure it's secure / Giant box and just throw everything in and secure it between foam as much as possible / Use smaller boxes and ship your cosplay in separate boxes?

Also thanks for the info on the hotels....Seems some of them do not like to have items shipped to them so I will send it to a friend living in the area.

#10 Alyssa3467 on 3 years ago

It depends on what it is you're shipping and whether shipping a large number of smaller boxes costs more or less than shipping a small number of larger boxes. I would personally use newspaper or kraft paper for the void fill so that it can be more easily recycled as well. It's also not as messy as foam packing peanuts.