UK cosers: body paint/sealants??

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#1 cherrytenmei on 3 years ago

Hi everyone
Whenever i've looked up this question before i've really struggled because all the results are for US cosers and involve products that are either really hard or really expensive for me to get a hold of because they are only available in the USA. So if anyone in the UK has advice for me that would be great!!

I previously used a bodypaint from snazaroo and it was okay but the powder I wanted to use as a "sealant" or to set it, despite being labelled transparent, was definitely not transparant and was skin coloured, so I couldn't use it on my blue paint. The paint lasted about an hour before somehow..half(?) disappearing and kind of turning white and patchy. I had to go back to my hotel room and reapply.

Other than this the paint was really good and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on if I am meant to prime or seal it somehow and what I should use specifically.

Or, otherwise, any other products you might recommend.


#2 Blood_Sword on 3 years ago

I'm also in Europe (although not in the UK) and I don't know any specific products but I'd recommend checking out any German brands because they tend to be of surprisingly good quality. I'm sorry I can't help much more than this. ^^"
Also, buying within Europe should save you from any additional customs/taxes and the shipping is almost always more affordable than buying from America. So yeah, what I mean to say is that you might have better luck searching in whole Europe instead of limiting yourself to just UK. ;)

I've used some mild hairspray to seal bodypaint when I was in a pinch but yeah, I've heard that it's really not recommended because it might damage your skin etc.

#3 Gimcrackery on 3 years ago

If you go to a regular makeup store/section you can usually find spray sealer. I've used hair spray too, but makeup spray sealer doesn't feel as stiff. If cost is an issue, a translucent powder is going to be cheaper. If you can't find one that isn't skin toned, you can use baby powder. Baby powder will lighten up your overall makeup, so go darker than you want before powdering.

#4 Sweet Loretta on 3 years ago

Most all the top brand you can get in the USA are available in the UK. Kryolan is based in Germany and Mehron in the US. Kryolan and Mehron both easy to get in the UK. Just contact or and both are happy to find a dealer near you. Both too will ship to you direct but I think finding a more local retailer is always a good idea. It helps to have 2 or 3 favorite dealers. Many of us here in the USA do ship internationally.