Making latex scars before event

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#1 dhaemion on 3 years ago

I'm working on a demon costume and would like to make some scar tattoos (inspiration attached), but while I've worked with liquid latex quite a bit I have never done something that needs to be created and then applied later. I can make it reasonably thick, but does anyone have any suggestions for getting it off once it is finished? My plan at the moment is to get an assistant, build up a good base layer of latex, do the scar with putty (or maybe string), then give it a few more coats of latex to seal it. Any advise is appreciated![IMG][/IMG]

#2 Killerangel666 on 3 years ago

Generally prosthetics are applied with prozaid (spirit gum too, but that stuff is sticky and itchy). You get prozaid off with this stuff called detach-all, however since prozaid is alcohol activated you can use that on a q-tip, work it under the prosthetic to loosen it bit by bit then wash the prozaid residue off your skin with isopropyl mirastrate (mimicks your natural skin oils) or soap and baby oil. Beware prozaid is a bit heavy duty and if your skin is sensitive or you're a bit squeamish when pulling things off your skin I wouldn't use it.

Option two, since you're using skin laytex, you might be able to get away with applying a fresh coat to the back of the prosthetic and sticking it to your skin before it dries and then just touch up the edges.

Tips on laytex prosthetics; powder is your friend, laytx loves to stick to itself, so you'll need to give it a dusting between layers and as a final when you're done 'sculpting' this on a hard surface (counter, piece of smooth hard plastic etc). You'll have to peel it off said surface carefully when you go to apply it to avoid tearing.
Get the edges as thin as you can so the piece blends in seamlessly with your skin, you may need to touch them up upon application but the less you have to do the better.
If you go the option two application route, make sure you squirt powder under the piece as you pull it off the hard surface or it'll fold under and stick to itself.

Hope this helps :)