2 bins of scrap fabric for sale, name your price!

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#1 Dilandau on 1 year ago

so this is the ad in kijiji with all the pictures for its contents:

will negotiate price as its would depend on what you want and how much you want to take.

there are a few costume pieces including:
-a black hakama with white belt, use to be part of a bleach costume.
-a black kimono style top, this comes with a olive green kimono style top that layers with this. i think this was meant to be a short skirt kimono dress of some sort.
-a full Tim Hortons uniform, i use to work for them at one point and was going to use this for a zombie outfit but it never got done.
-a long white cat tail.
-a chef/cook jacket with a Cora hat , use to work for them and i had a spare.
-a "sephiroth" jacket, the kind you get in pacific mall but without the "silver shoulders".
-a school skirt.
-some weird fabric shoes....that was painted with black marker
-and 3 gloves, 2 black and one white.

please feel free to ask questions!(measurement, sizes, extra pics of costumes... etc..)
pick up or will deliver to finch station.

ps, please note that there is a piece of foam in the pictures of the first bin, this foam is extra from a demon costume i am also selling and i should be keeping it with the demon costume if the buyer need's it. so , not for sale. sorry.
if you are interested in the demon costume, this is the link to that ad:

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