Which Arda Wig?

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#1 Rosendust on 2 years ago

Hey everyone, I have a con in August and I was thinking of going as Buffy! Which Arda wig do you guys think would suit my use?

#2 DlGlT on 2 years ago

Please post a reference image of the character

#3 Rosendust on 2 years ago

Here's a link-


#4 DlGlT on 2 years ago

I'd say the grace classic or or the dany, depending on budget. Though you're going to have to hand color her dark roots and layered colors in by hand.

#5 CapsuleCorp on 2 years ago

Arda wigs don't look very natural. I would search for a natural-hair-color wig, like a Sepia or New Look brand. Other "regular" wig shops online carry them. I used to have a couple of recs for shops but I've had some hard luck with a couple of them lately (bad customer service) so I'd google the brands to see who's got them for good prices. They should only be about $35 at best.

But. Yeah I mean everyone loves Arda but they're not made from mixed-color fibers to look real. If you don't want to color in roots and highlights and shit, just start with a realistic color blond wig from literally anywhere else.

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