Monarch Henchman wings (venture bros)

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#1 LxExplosionx93 on 1 year ago

Hi there! It's been a while since I've floated around these forums (or even done a cosplay!) but I'm back in the game and currently working on a Monarch henchman cosplay from the adult swim cartoon The Venture Bros.

I was looking for some suggestions on what materials construct the wings from. I have a pretty good idea of HOW I want to make them but not WHAT I should use. I've perused many a wing tutorial, which are great, but not really the style/material choice I should go for (lots of feathered wings, fairy wings, etc). The wings I need to make aren't feathered, are rather large, and I'd like them to be somewhat durable while also light enough to be worn all day. I'm thinking I may make them a bit smaller than they appear in the show just for practicality's sake.

I'd like to get a smooth, even texture if I can. I've been thinking possibly cardboard with gesso/other strengthening substance, though in my experience cardboard has the tendency to warp when treated with gesso, especially pieces those large. My next thought was some kind of thinner cardboard sandwiched between craft foam, though I'm not sure if I can get craft foam in that large of a solid sheet. I've looked over worbla and similar materials though I've never worked with them before and am not sure if that would be a good choice either. I could also go the wire/fabric route, and have considered using cardboard covered in fabric to get a smoother texture.

Mostly, I wanted to ask people with more experience building props and using different materials what their suggestions would be to build these wings out of! Any ideas would be much appreciated. I'm sure there's something I haven't thought of/am not aware of.

Picture below for reference, let me know if anything needs clarifying. Thanks in advance for your help!


EDIT: I totally posted this in the wrong section. Reposting in the props help section!