Need help making a removable bandage mask

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#1 Galaxithea on 1 year ago

I'm planning to cosplay Polypa from Hiveswap with her bandages on. Normally I would just wrap some gauze around my face, but I'm worried it would get uncomfortable pretty quickly and I would have to remove the whole thing and put on a fresh roll whenever I wanted to eat or drink (the Homestuck group at my convention likes to go out for Faygo runs). So I was thinking about some way to make it into some kind of mask I could remove and slip back on. Is this even possible, and if so, how would I go about doing it?

Image for reference: [URL=""][/URL]

#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

Absolutely possible. Get or make a simple face mask, preferably in white or flesh tone. (Look in the motorcycle gear area/ store/ sites, those guys wear light cotton masks in summer to keep bugs off their faces). wrap the gauze over this mask, loosely enough that you can still slip it off. have a friend pin the gauze to the mask while you are wearing it. Put a few simple hand stitches in those spots once you take it off.

#3 Galaxithea on 1 year ago

That sounds like a good idea. Would a morph mask with the mandages on top also work, though?

#4 DlGlT on 1 year ago

I'd avoid a morph mask, as you don't want anything covering the top of your head. Otherwise you'll have to take off your wig and everything to remove the mask.

This time of year its pretty easy to find a close fitting mask, so I'd hit up craft and halloween stores for a simple plastic base, that you can cut the wedge out of, and cover that.