Street Clothes Cosplay Interpretation

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#1 kyazi on 1 year ago

Character: Dancing Rain
Anime: The Kings Avatar

I had a bad purchase of a cosplay recently and yet I am determined to cosplay her but I am not much of a fashionista and I wanted to find the best way to re-male the costume but as street clothes and hoping to get some opinions.

I also plan on carrying her weapon around which while it may not look amazing as one of my first gun props I really dont want to not bring it along lol...

Links below: Street Clothes, Character, and Weapon prop




#2 walkerofdarknes on 1 year ago

Well, as long as you've got the gun, the glasses/goggles and probably the hair, I think ANY amount of street clothes would be easily accepted. The trick would be less on what you wear, and more how you present the character. If she has a catchphrase/standard pose/whatnot, let yourself rely on it and BE the character while you're out at the con.

But if you were really trying for the street clothes look, I'd search out a yellow sundress, with maybe a white t-shirt underneath it. Or if not a t-shirt....I'm not sure what kind of clothes it's called, but I know it's not a bodice. Top it off with some comfortable general purpose shoes (not a sneaker, or anything really logo-ridden). IF you were shopping around and found some old riding boots in your size, you could just draw on the red laces.