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#1 Toribelle96 on 2 years ago

I would like some advice on getting a Deku wig. I don't know where I should buy one from, I know some sell it already done, or I could get one from Arda but I don't know what would look better, and even if I do choose Arda I have never spiked a wig before, is it hard? Does anyone have any good tutorials for styling a wig like his?

#2 DlGlT on 2 years ago

Basic spiking tutorials

Luckily his hair is meant to be messy, so flipping the wig upside down (pinned to a head) and giving it a spray and a nice finger combing should give a good start to his hair.

#3 WingsofAngels48 on 2 years ago

Arda has a wig guide that tells you their recommendations for which styles/colors to buy- they definitely have one for Deku and the other main characters. They also have styling tips and spiking tutorials. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, you could also buy one of those super cheap ebay ones. Obviously they're not super nice wigs, but his hairstyle isn't particularly complicated and as the person above me said his is meant to look messy, so you don't really need one. If you've never spiked before it might be a good idea to practice first on a cheap wig anyway.

#4 Toribelle96 on 2 years ago

I know about the arda thing, would it be fluffy enough though? Some pics I have seen for that style looks kinda flat or not fully suitable for Deku

#5 DlGlT on 2 years ago

Arda or Epic cosplay are going to be the thickest wigs you'll find. If you feel it needs even more than you could add additional wefts. Teasing the wigs roots with also help it look even fuller

[url] 2_wwej-9i.jpg?t=1523143278[/url]