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#1 KuruttaKanashii on 4 years ago

I'm doing my own design of Mangle, and since my wig just came in today I decided to do a test run for the makeup. This is my first time doing facepaint and I'm using Mehron Starblend.
Link to my Mangle design: [url]http://myschief0.deviantart.com/art/Cornered-557214158[/url]
And a wigless photo: [IMG]https://66.media.tumblr.com/3e9cc97b55d5bcc5a2afe54fab52081e/tumblr_o9ux1wbRrT1rgeo51o5_1280.jpg[/IMG]
Now, questions:
1) I gluesticked my eyebrows down before I did this, but it didn't work very well to conceal them. They're not very thick, but they are very dark. Any tips on hiding them better under the paint?
2) My face is pretty much covered in tiny acne bumps, which show up even better with facepaint on. :/ Any tips on making my skin look smoother?
3) I haven't got any setting powder or barrier spray. Best brands on a budget?
4) Are the drawn-on eyelashes good, or should I get some falsies?

#2 uniprawn on 4 years ago

hopefully i can help with a few answers!
1. try adding a layer of concealer over your brows and then setting that really well and be careful when applying white makeup in that area. I haven't done this personally but you could try using spirit gum instead of gluestick as its a bit more heavy duty. You can find lots of tutorials for that with a quick google search, just make sure you have an adequate remover for the spirit gum.

2. I don't know, hopefully someone else has some ideas!

3. I use powder to set my face paint, I don't really have a specific brand recommendation but i'd just get a cheap-ish transparent/white setting powder. don't get a skin colour one, it will show up and lessen the effect of the white paint. If you are interested, I use Collection (its a uk brand) but i haven't tried anything else so i can't really give fair judgement, its cheap and it does its job pretty well. ELF HD powder is supposed to be good but I haven't used it so I can't personally vouch for it.I would definitely suggest bringing your powder with you if you go to a convention or whatever because you'll probably need to occasionally touch up your makeup. I bring my facepaint to conventions too just in case. I don't use spray so i am afraid i can't help you there.

4. The drawn on lashes look good, but they might crease up or need retouching and if you rub your eyes its game over. I'd suggest getting a cheap pair of falsies and experimenting with them (don't be afraid to cut them up to get that effect) and if you aren't happy with that, stick to the painted on ones, just don't forget to set them well. If you like the falsies then use them.

I hope that helped you out! Also I love your Mangle design!

#3 KuruttaKanashii on 4 years ago

Spirit gum! I'll have to try that, I think that's what PinkStylist uses for his brows. Thanks!

#4 laurenbahr on 3 years ago

ok here we go:

1.I have very think dark eyebrows, and i use the gluestick. what i do is i glue down my eyebrows, and while its still wet, cover it with setting or baby powder. I repeat that process about 4-5 times.. youll look pale and the area would look really white, so that could help with the white blemish area around the eyebrows if you have any.

2. I had the same issue with acne when I was younger, so to solve the problem, i layered sooo much. after the face paint dry, use baby powder (again) to smooth it out. it doesn't show as badly, but if there is a really close up photo, then it would show..

3. I used Mehron setting powder, it cost around $7 for 1 ounce. i know, it sounds like it doesn't last long, but i actually had it since last year February, so about a solid year.

4. If you still want to draw on eyelashes, i would use a liquid waterproof eyeliner. i used that type of eyeliner drawing on my stitches for professor stein and it lasted all day.

hoped this helped!

#5 ebanks90 on 3 years ago

I think your makeup looks awesome! Here are a couple things that could help you out:

1. After you glue your eyebrows down try using some concealer
2. So the issue with acne and using a powder like Ben Nye is that it is very dry on your skin and imperfections tend to be more apparent when your skin is less moisterized. What I would recommend using instead of a powder is a water- based paint. This is going to give you a more smooth and even texture, and help keep your skin moisterized, instead of drying it out with powder. The best way to get a ncie even coat is to use a kabuki brush in a circular motion. Here is a video to give you an idea- [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p98_WrOkUdc[/url]
3. So you do not set powder with powder or setting spray. Setting powder is used to set grease makeup or airbrush makeup, and setting spray will set water-based face paint. What I would recommend is using Final Seal spray from Ben Nye- [url]http://fxcosplay.com/products/ben-nye-final-seal[/url]
Like in the video, use it on your skin BEFORE you apply the paint. This is going to create a barrier between the natural oils of your skin and the paint. Let it dry before you apply the paint. Let the paint dry and then add another layer of the final seal. This is going to set your makeup perfectly and you wont have to worry about smudging or running all day.
4. False eyelashes look great and I think they will be more comfortable than falsies! Just practice drawing them on, use a good waterproof liner, or black face paint and seal it.

Check out fxcosplay.com they have awesome water based makeup and all the supplies you will need :d

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