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#1 Kilikblackrose on 2 years ago

Currently looking for hotel preferably Marriot if able, I'm fine with the Sheraton also.

I was too late on getting a room for the place I am willing to negotiate on price of hotel maybe pay by PayPal for hotel
Stay. Would like a bed space don't mind sharing the bed! If anyone is looking please email me

[email][email protected][/email]. Thanks!

#2 heresyaddiction on 2 years ago

If anyone has a room they have booked but no longer or cannot go let me know! I've been looking to the Marriott. and so far they only have Thurs-Fri and Sun-Mon available in rooms but nothing for Fri-Sun..I'm assuming because people have largely booked rooms for those days. You can email me at [email][email protected][/email] if you know of anyone not able to go to Animazement that has a room for thurs to mon at the Marriott.

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