Sesshomaru's Kimono pattern help

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#1 DrDeathGod on 4 years ago

Ok so I've scowered the the internet looking for a hankimono pattern or kimono pattern with Giesha length sleeves. I just need a regular kimono pattern (I can always adjust it to size,length and width but if anyone can link me to a geisha kimono pattern I would be grateful.:razz::razz:

#2 Blood_Sword on 4 years ago

Sesshoumaru is one of those weird cases. He's wearing what looks like a furisode type of kimono (aka the long sleeves) but the thing is that in real life those kimono are only worn by women, and young women at that. (maximum age around 20)
I would say just find any accurate kimono pattern (beware though, there's many inaccurate ones out there!) and then modify in the extra sleeve length, which should be very easy to do.

Real kimono have no shoulder seams, but there is a back seam because the body of the garment is basically one left and one right side panel. There's also the okumi panels to have the garment overlapping enough so you can close it. Most pieces should be square shaped.

I would recommend looking around on the old (now closed) [URL=""]Immortal Geisha forums[/URL] for a lot of good knowledge. Best of luck with your cosplay!