Hibike! Euphonium

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#16 Imaginational on 4 years ago

:u !

#17 meb9000 on 4 years ago

I enjoyed this show so much the first time around that I rewatched it within a month. I simply can't wait to get some quality photo booth pictures with a rental euphonium in hand. Next year's Sakuracon is still 7 months away..

#18 pinkshoes on 4 years ago

I adore this series! It's such a well done show and I'm a little sad it didn't get more recognition.

I'm still not sure about cosplaying just yet (not sure who I'd best fit) but they definitely have some cute outfits!

#19 belligerent on 4 years ago

If only I cosplayed female characters. I've been a euphonium player for 23 years (though mine is the wrong color for a cosplay from this series), so it's nice to see the instrument getting some recognition.

#20 meb9000 on 3 years ago

Been a long time since the last post in this topic, but thought I would post my photobooth pics from Sakura Con 2016! I feel like they came out pretty nicely!


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