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#1 mokulen22 on 4 years ago

As the title says, I have a few questions about MegaCon.

A little back story, here, I have worked with FanExpo for a few years now running Plushie Workshops and their KidsZone room (basically a nice large room with chairs, tables and lots of activities to distract the kiddies while parents rest). Crafts are on a scheduled time switching every 1-2 hours, such as lightsabers made out of pool noodles, plushie building, Styrofoam Pokeballs, etc...

I have been approached to possibly run a similar room for MegaCon in 2016. I want to get a "feel" for this con's attendees; so, I can pick what crafts or activities will be a hit.

If anyone can answer the below questions, I would be FOEVER grateful. Also, I have never been to an American convention before, please be kind to the clueless Canadian.

1. Is the focus more anime, scifi, horror, etc...or a good balance of all nerdoms?

2. What is the ratio/average of families with kids attending? Do a lot of parents/kids attend?

3. I suppose I should have asked this first but does this sound like something you even want at your con? (This room is FREE by-the-way...and if the room isn't full, I even let kids-at-heart make the crafts lol).

4. Is there a Lolita fashion community in the area? or presence at MegaCon? I ask because, at FanExpo we have a Lolita hour for the Kids to learn about the fashion and make jewelry.

5. Anything else you can think of, that I should know about your con would be great!

Thank you all in advance!!

#2 roseandzippin on 4 years ago

I've attended MegaCon for two years now and, although I don't have kids of my own, I've seen some attendees walking around with unruly youngsters who would probably appreciate your room! :)

1. MegaCon is a pretty fair balance of most fandoms... The celebrity guests are mostly from Western TV shows, movies, or comics. However, the attendees come for these genres and also anime, video games, sci-fi, horror, etc.

2. I see TONS of people with kids that are anywhere from 8 to their teens, that are just as into the con as their parents. Still, there are a few people with youngsters in cosplay or just brought along.

3. Honestly, I know tons of people who would love your "kids-at-heart" option. XD But as I said before, I can't really speak for parents, as I'm not one myself!

4. Personally, I can't recall running across any Lolita attendees... But I can see how the kids would enjoy learning about the culture! :)

5. There are LOTS of cosplayers. In fact, most of the attendees are usually in some form of cosplay. Also, the con has been getting bigger and bigger each year. So far, management hasn't really done a spectacular job of making enough space for everyone in the main hall. But, this year we're starting with new management (FanExpo), and we're hopeful that they will listen to attendees' requests and make it more spacious. The venue certainly allows for an expansion, so there's hope.
[I]EDIT: Wait, I just saw that you work for FanExpo. So you probably already know all this. But here it is anyway! XD
Good luck with your project!

#3 Killerangel666 on 4 years ago

1. pretty much a good balance of all fandoms

2. The number of people with kids varies each year from, 'oh, my god look at them all!' to you see them, but they aren't everywhere. This being said, with as big as megacon is, even on a day that's a bit slow for kids, your room will still probably be packed.

3. I personally don't have kids, but I'm sure a lot of the ones that do would enjoy getting to have a bit of time -a break- during a long con from their youngsters, and not only that, but you mentioned crafts and the like, something the kids can actually do, there isn't anything like that at Megacon that I've seen. It's not really a place that has stuff for little kids to do, which with it being a con you wouldn't really expect.

4. There's not a lot of Lolita. The numbers are slowly growing, but it's not huge like it is at other cons. You mentioned allowing 'kids at heart' when your room isn't full, something like the Lolita activities you mentioned would probably draw in a curious crowd.

5. Megacon was big when I started going ten years ago and it's only gotten bigger. 2014's con was the classic tale of a con that was too big for the building they shoved it in, thank god they fixed it for 2015's con. With the con being acquired by fan-expo we'll see what changes they have in store (I've seen the new website, it's a lot fancier than the old one lol).

Hope this helps and good luck! :)

#4 jax_the_kid on 4 years ago

I can't answer much about the con since I just moved back to Florida. I can say a kids room would be great. I've been taking my son to conventions and he loves them. My friend also bring their childern. It would be nice even for nursing moms to have somewhere to go with their childern.