Costume plans 2015?

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#16 DespairedPheonix on 5 years ago

Wow, it sounds like Dragon Con at night turns into a lot of fun! Maybe I'll play it cool for the evenings and take my camera with me so I can get lots of pictures of people!

#17 Sammyzilla on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=fullmetalonKrak;4941513]Are you guys on east coast? :)[/QUOTE]

I'm on the east coast of FL :)

#18 Sammyzilla on 5 years ago

I've never been to DragonCon before, but I've been wanting to. I'm super excited to go this year and reading all these posts are making me even more excited!!

#19 Sammyzilla on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=chiigusa;4943636]This will be my second year attending and I'm super excited! Not sure what my plans are given that they usually change a million times before the con comes around, but I'll likely have my Dragon Age elf Inquisitor for the parade and big DA shoot once I make that. And potentially a new Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite since I'm in the process of making that too. Who knows!

But after last year, I know that any costumes I do for night time party time will consist of something nice and cool. It tends to become quite sweltering, even in normal clothes. Might make a Mass Effect Shepard dress just for that.[/QUOTE]

Do you know what day the big Dragon Age shoot is usually on?

#20 AkiJudaichan on 5 years ago

I am doing Yugo from Wakfu at least one day and I'll probably do Hit Girl if I finish in time. Then I'll choose from the rest of my cosplays what I'll do for the other two or three days.

#21 DespairedPheonix on 5 years ago

Ahhhhhh! I have so many cosplays I want to do I'm having problems picking just one!!!! ;_;

#22 dagmarus on 5 years ago

My new costumes will be Starlord (which I'm busting my butt trying to lose weight for), and Boromir.

#23 DespairedPheonix on 5 years ago

oooooo! More Tolkien! (Though I'm not sure if Tauriel can really be classified as 'Tolkien'? lol) Starlord is going to be pretty awesome, too! Are you doing the mask?

#24 Sammyzilla on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=DespairedPheonix;4947031]Ahhhhhh! I have so many cosplays I want to do I'm having problems picking just one!!!! ;_;[/QUOTE]

I know the feeling!!

#25 DespairedPheonix on 5 years ago

Seriously, I'm trying to decide between sailor cosmos, super sailor moon, and lulu from FFX I guess it'll depend on how much money/time I have XD

EDIT: And now I'm adding Raven from Teen Titans to the list!!!! ;_;

#26 Sammyzilla on 5 years ago

I'd like to bring 5-6 cosplays total (4 Main ones for the days, 1-2 easy ones for nights) with only making 2 new ones, and my current definitely bringing list is Flemeth (Dragon Age), Raleigh (Pacific Rim, will be new), and Sera (Dragon Age).
My maybe list is Cole, Merrill, Hakwe, Cullen (All Dragon Age), Dany (Game of Thrones), Thorin (The Hobbit), Starlord (Marvel), Aqua (Kingdom Hearts), Amaterasu (Okami), and Elika (Prince of Persia). About 5 of these will already be done from previous cons.
Narrowing it down is so hard!! XD

#27 DespairedPheonix on 5 years ago

haha, my maybe list is:

Sailor Cosmos, Super Sailor Moon, Lulu (FFX), Raven (teen titans), Rogue (X-Men), Rapunzel (tangled)

I'm definitely making punk sailor moon (I'm part of a group) and Tauriel from the hobbit. But ugh, so many costumes I want to do!!! XD

#28 MissRankTwo on 5 years ago

Hey all!

This will be my third DragonCon and I am super excited!! So far, I only have a couple cosplays in the works - a female version of Prince Eric from Little Mermaid, and CopyCat from Marvel comics. I'll probably end up bringing back some of my past cosplays for the other days. Too many ideas...not enough funds! Ha!

#29 Padmik on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=FearTheAsian117;4941987]So I've never been to DragonCon, and I REALLY wanna go (Ill get there at some point, we'll see where money is) but for returners, how much is it western cosplays vs anime? From what I know DragonCon tends to be a bit more of a mature demographic in cosplays, so I'm rather curious....Also itll help me plan a bit more for the future in when I go :P

Thank you!

I may not be going this year but I can give some info~

DC does bring in a large mature audience. The cosplays are super crazy too (in a good way of course). You'll see more sci-fi, live action, and fantasy cosplays here. There's a pretty high percentage of disney, comic and video game cosplays too. There are anime cosplays, but I personally don't recall seeing them a lot but that may be because they were just swallowed up in the crowd. You'll be so overwhelmed by everything, you miss a lot of cosplayers tbh. At night, a lot of people bring out their "sexy" or "drinking" cosplays (basically just super revealing and/or fun cosplays to wear while partying or drinking). I've never been at DC at night so I've only seen pictures and videos of drinking cosplays.

Outside of cosplay, the convention itself is spread across a few buildings and hotels fill up in under a day. They generally release them the week after the con is over (yes, that soon). If you're lucky, you can probably snag a room the weekend of the convention. Hotels are super expensive too and may be small. Public transit is available (it's in the convention block). There's a food court in the convention block too. Prices are cheap.

Weather may be super hot or mild. Humidity is your worst enemy so if you plan to walk around the city in your cosplay, just be weary. The convention can also get super crowded (especially at the Marriott).

That's really the main things for DC.

I might go for maybe a day if I'm still in GA post-grad. If so, I'll more than likely bring Dothraki!Daenerys.

#30 guardianterra on 5 years ago

This is my first year going, super excited as this came out of a "hey we should do this conversation" that all of the sudden having badges and a hotel room.

Not going to lie I am a little terrified to cosplay as it as been a good bit since I last got a costume 100% done and worn for more then an hour...last con i just said stuff it after spending half the day getting other people ready. So this is a bit step...

I am looking to make Theru, A Thor Sundress, a big steampunk dress and then a Dragon dress that is in the works with the other gal who cosplays in our group. And then my husband wants to do Yatsuhashi and I promised I would do a Velvet to go with him. Seeing as he has never wanted to cosplay I am very excited he said he wanted to do this one!

I am sure this line up will change depending on what is done and what isn't as we get closer.

Right now we have been focusing on working out so we don't die going form our hotel and back.