Silence Glaive for Sailor Saturn questions:

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#1 Jobielee on 5 years ago


So Saturn is my second cosplay, I have the majority of the Fuku done and am starting to think about the daunting task that is her Silence Glaive.

I have never constructed a cosplay prop before. I did some searching online and here. I came across several posts but none of them quite giving me what I need. I have the blade figured out (eva foam) and the details I am probably going to make out of foam/air drying clay then paint. I want this Glaive to be able to break down into multiple pieces. I don't know how to accomplish that part. Any suggestions?

Thank you :)

#2 Fabulousity on 5 years ago

If you want to make it collapsable, StudioMallory used to have a tutorial, but it looks like she's taken it down. Essentially she took two threaded rods from walmart and put them together and then installed little screw part (I'm not sure what you call it) into the "blade." A word of warning though, I would HIGHLY recommend against using air dry clay. I used the Crayola Air Dry stuff to make several props, and they're all ruined because the clay breaks down and disintegrates after a number of months. It's kind of heartbreaking to me honest. So if I were you, I'd use Sculpey. I'm certainly never using air-dry again...

#3 Jobielee on 5 years ago

Thank you so much for the tip about clay. I would hate to see my work just fall apart :(

I will look out for a rod like that. Incidentally, yesterday I saw an American flag pole kit that looked like it might fit the bill. I just need to find one that had a thicker pole.

Someone on here also mailed me their build log, WHICH IS SUPER HELPFUL!

I just need to start gathering supplies.

#4 Prissi on 5 years ago

If you have the budget for it, I would actually suggest using EVA foam covered in worbla :) Kamui has a prop building book, too.

#5 Jobielee on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Prissi;4927340]If you have the budget for it, I would actually suggest using EVA foam covered in worbla :) Kamui has a prop building book, too.[/QUOTE]

This is exactly what I was hoping to do! I have the foam and worbla ready to do! I'm going to start the glaive tonight, wish me luck :S

#6 Vexed Waffle on 4 years ago

Hi all.

Thought I'd throw out an S.O.S myself. My recent order for a silence glaive from china currently floundered and died, a week before the con. Now my girlfriend and I are scrambling to figure out how to make a glaive in a week. Been scouring online but to no result for tutorials. Any and all help please don't hesitate to pm me with advice on the materials to use and tips to use them. We're presently at a loss. Since neither her nor I have dabbled in prop making before!