DC Group Shoot 11/1/14

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#1 fam-cosplayphotographer on 4 years ago

Im cohandling the photo duties for the DC group shoot so I thought id post this to get more interest (if thats even needed)

Everything below this line ive just copied and pasted from the youmacon forum
To all the DC cosplayers following this thread - we will be moving forward with the photoshoot on Saturday (Nov 1st) from 2:00-3:00pm at the Riverfront steps outside the Winter Garden.

We have two professional photographers joining us. To make best use of their time I'd like to post the schedule as it stands:

2pm - we gather the troops, do a brief intro, and the photographers start calling out the shots.
1. Whole squad, everyone together
2. Just the heroes
3. Just the villains
4. Hero vs villain (theme: face-off battle royale)
5. Whole squad (goofy faces)

2:30pm the photographers will change and we will focus on smaller group photos
1. All of the canon versus shots (example: Batmans vs Jokers, ect...)
2. All of the same character groups, and mini groups (example: Harleys, Ivys, all the Arkham villains, the Bat-Family, Young Justice, ect...)
3. Couples shots (example: Jokers/Harleys, Catwomans/Batmans, Green Arrows/Canarys, etc...)

This photoshoot will be moving at a very fast pace to make sure we capture everyone. Please do your part by showing on time and listening to the photographers for their instructions.

Here is the Facebook Event page - share with anyone you know who's going!! [url]https://www.facebook.com/events/1491038241183386/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular[/url]

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