Call For Snk Cosplayers!!!!!

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#1 Saccharineflood on 3 years ago

My group has gotten approved for an 18+ panel affectionately called "Get Wrecked with he Survey Corps". We are currently looking for additional cosplayers to add to our panel. The panel consists of Q&A, Trivia and general silliness revolving around the current SnK universe. Being an 18+ panel, you MUST be 18 or over and we ask that you are or are willing to be current with the SnK manga (we don't wanna spoil anyone against their will!).

Currently we have Erwin, Levi, Hanji and Eren. We'd really love to have anyone, more cadets would be lovely and Kenny would be a riot to have. Please pm me if you're interested. I'll be using this thread to primarily answer questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

#2 chrono4281 on 3 years ago

Maybe I can bring my Sasha cosplay

#3 Saccharineflood on 3 years ago

Heck Yeh! The panel is Friday 12-1:30am, I forgot to mention that in my original post. If it works with your cosplans, we'd love to have a Sasha !!

#4 Kynessent on 3 years ago

I can be Jean!! :D

#5 Saccharineflood on 3 years ago

Heck yeh! We'd love to have a Jean!

#6 Saccharineflood on 3 years ago

We have recently added a Mikasa to our group, but we are STILL looking for additional members!!

#7 Saccharineflood on 3 years ago

We have added a Jean and Mikasa to our group, but are still looking for more cadets!!!