Dragon Con 2014 : Photos/Con Reports/Videos Thread

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#1 DTJAAAAM on 6 years ago

Preview albums are currently posted on Facebook. Will update when new previews are up and when the complete sets are uploaded to my site!


Full albums are now being uploaded at:


#2 Kildread on 6 years ago

[URL="https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.817207221657879.1073741833.100001058253021&type=1&l=edcb6e8836"]Pictures I took during the weekend.[/URL]

Hallway shots with 200 or so parade shots in the middle.

#3 MicOC25 on 6 years ago

Some photos I took... Posted on Facebook: [url]https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.513930845417885.1073741843.466232586854378&type=1[/url]

#4 Patcave on 6 years ago

Photos from the Mega DC Universe shoot on Saturday:





More photos to come as I get them sorted and processed... Feel free to tag away on the Facebook photos.

#5 Kotoni on 6 years ago

These are some photos from Sat and Sun:

and this set is from the Sailor Moon Meet Up on Sat.


Feel free to tag yourself.

#6 Angelicomics on 6 years ago

Hey everyone, My name is Chris and I hope this is okay to ask. I was actually hoping to request that if anyone was at the Giant Marvel Photo shoot this year, that may have gotten some great shots of the proposal that took place, wouldn't mind letting me know if they got any great shots of us that we could add to our photo album. Thank you to everyone who participated in our special day.

#7 lethis on 6 years ago

We took some videos and photos throughout the weekend for your viewing pleasure.

Video - [URL="http://youtu.be/v-gdAIzX2dE?list=UUVXwUUA9sMC1HDmF3X1mroQ"]Youtube.com/culturent[/URL]

HD photos - [URL="http://culturent.com/"]Culturent.com[/URL]

Facebook - [URL="https://www.facebook.com/weculturent"]Facebook.com/Culturent[/URL]

Thanks Guys and awesome cosplay :D

#8 Complex42 on 6 years ago

My pictures from [URL="http://www.pixelatedimages.com/gallery/v/dragoncon/dragoncon2014/friday/"]Friday[/URL] are up; pictures from Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will be posted soon!

Enjoy :)

Edit: [URL="http://www.pixelatedimages.com/gallery/v/dragoncon/dragoncon2014/"]All of my pictures are up now[/URL].

#9 nathancarter on 6 years ago

Working through mine in approximately chronological order.
I don't have very many random/hallway shots; mostly just group shoots.

Friday morning Disney (not very many, we got there late and had to immediately run to Fallout:

Friday daytime Fallout:

Friday evening Fifth Element:

Saturday evening aquarium, Bioshock, and Team Bioshock in the parade (incomplete as of 11pm Sept 5):

To come:
Sunday morning Bioshock Infinite
Sunday evening Barbarella

#10 ShinWHO on 6 years ago

Cosplay Fanvideo in Ultra HD (2160p):

#11 Shastar on 6 years ago

1187 pictures taken on the floor, plus another 580 taken of the parade from my room in the Hilton.


[url]http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Shastar/library/Conventions/Dragoncon 2014?sort=2&page=0[/url]

#12 Mandy Mitchell on 6 years ago

I posted 300+ photos that I took at Dragon*Con. I made 3 different albums on my Facebook page.

Dragon*Con 2014 photo album

Captain America USO Girls and Friends from Saturday

Winter Soldier photoshoot from Saturday night

This year's Dragon*Con was the most amazing by far! I've never seen so many incredible costumes in just one weekend! *_*

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