Con's - What to take?

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#1 7hump3r on 4 years ago

[b][u]Greetings[/u][/b] convention goers!

Just a general question to those who have attended in the past, I'm trying to compile a list of items to take with me when I go to Perth Supanova (first time goer, long time gawker), so I figure the best place to ask would be somewhere like here! I will be travelling from a small rural town, so its a few hours drive, then staying in the city with a friend and I'll be there for the 2 days and the Friday night so I really don't want to forget ANYTHING but I also don't want to bring a lot of items to the hotel and cart around each day. I am planning on taking my Arno Dorian costume with me to wear for at least one of those days plus I know I'll have to take my own food as unfortunately I have special dietary requirements/food allergies, but other then that I am stumped as to what I should bring.

So, down to the chase;

[b]-What[/b] did you bring with you?
[b]-What[/b] did you WISH you had brought along?
[b]-Did[/b] you take your camera? and if so, did you get sick of lugging it around?
[b] -[/b][i]Was it a DSLR? (are those allowed?) or a point and shoot?[/i]
[b]-If[/b] you could do it over again, what would you
[b] -[/b][i]Keep?
[b] -[/b]Scrap?
[b] -[/b]Add?[/i]

[b]Tips[/b] for first time con goers that you wish you had known?

Also, fellow convention lovers, how much is a reasonable amount of cash to take? Are there ATM's around to withdraw extra cash from? I know how much I need for the signatures/photos I want, I need money for hotel and also food, but how much do you generally spend on other items there? I like collecting things, so for my nerd room/office I will probably be most interested in buying prints/artwork, figurines and T-shirts so those are the items I would be most interested in buying. Though I know hubby will be bringing the kids on the Sunday, whom will no doubt want all the things but will give them a limit to spend, plus whatever pocket money they have earnt in the meantime. So keeping all that in mind how much would you recommend I bring?

Finally, my friend and myself will be at the Opening Night in Perth, anyone fancy a bit of a meet n greet? Make some friends before the convention?

Any help or thoughts on any of this would be greatly appreciated! [U]Thank you[/U] all for reading!