Decision making help for my Hungary cosplay!!

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#1 SunsetSovereign on 4 years ago

I'm almost finished with my Hungary cosplay that I will be using in a craftsmanship contest at the end of the week. I'm doing her historical outfit from season 5 episode 19. I'm hand embroidering the vest just like a traditional Hungarian vest. There are only 3 shots of that outfit since the scene is only a minute or so, and because of that I and trying to be both show and historically accurate. The front design is very simple (only three flowers.)

The dilemma I have is whether or not to embellish the embroidery design or not. To do only the three flowers would leave it very plain and almost disjointed. But, If I added some leaves and smaller flowers like a traditional Hungarian design it would look a lot better. I don't know if by doing that it would not be received well by the judges. I will keep the colors the same.

Any input?