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#1 jantsu2307 on 4 years ago

Any Soulcalibur-related cosplay threads or galleries is nowhere to be seen here on forums so I thought that maybe it's time for to make one. :) So if you have anything to talk to about SoulCalibur-series or you want to view some costumes related to it, just put everything here.

#2 jantsu2307 on 4 years ago

Soul Calibur II - Yun-Sung & Raphael Sorel

I cosplayed as Yun-Sung and my friend as Raphael Sorel from Soul Calibur II. We performed together with these costumes at Finland's World Cosplay Summit-preliminaries of 2015 and this photo was taken from there at stage. Yun-Sung is 100 % made by me and Raphael Sorel is about 85 % made by me. (Finishing touches were done by my partner before the competition.)


#3 jantsu2307 on 4 years ago

Soul Calibur V - Xiba/Maxi/Pyrrha

Earlier this year at Cosvision which was held here in Finland, me (as Xiba.) and two of my cosplay friends decided to take some group photos at the convention and here you can see all of us together. :)


#4 Lost7Soul on 4 years ago

Its a crime that theres not enough people cosplaying from the Soul Calibur series. I cosplay Tira. Right now I have her SCV outfit but im currently working on her SCIII too! And I have a friend who cosplays Dampierre :D this isnt the best photo but its the only one I have of us together.

#5 Laksh on 4 years ago

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